How to Choose an Interior Decorator

Your home is where you heart lies and naturally you would want to design it just the way you want your dream home to be. However, decorating the interiors of your home is a long-term and expensive investment. And once it is done, you cannot just change it overnight because that is not the look you wanted! So selecting the right interior decorator is crucial to designing your interiors the way you want so that you can enjoy and relax in your dream home. Interior Decoration Sydney Pty LTD have some fantastic designs on the Interior Decoration Sydney Facebook page.

Be Aware of your Own Style 

Most people are confused about what they really want the interiors to look like. So even before you hire a decorator, be absolutely sure about how you want your interiors to look. Browse through designing books and websites, understand the space you want to design and know how colours and accessories interplay to create the perfect look. The designer’s own vision and your aspirations should be in perfect harmony for the best results.

Meet a Few Designers 

The internet is flooded with websites of interior designers, all flaunting their own style, individuality, benefits and so on. Shortlist a few of decorators your vicinity so that it is easier for you to meet them. Have an initial discussion on the type of work they do, the construction style of your interiors and so on. Most designers offer these initial discussion sessions for free.

Check a Few Portfolios 

Once you feel comfortable with a particular designer, carry on the discussion further. See a few portfolios of the work they have done and imagine how your interiors would look in similar style. Going through portfolios gives you a firsthand idea of about the decorator’s competence, his sense of style, his innovative nature and so on.

Ask Questions

Be candid about everything you want to know such as how long they are in the business, from where the procure the materials, the experience of their workers, the type of machineries they use, timelines, terms and conditions, the payment structure, their fee structure, any additional charges, and so on. Also remember to ask if they have all the right papers regarding insurance, liability etc.

Furthermore, ask for references of past clients who you can talk to or request the interior decorator to take you to some of her ongoing projects to understand better the quality of work being done. If you live on the North Shore, come in and see us.

Finalize your Budget 

It is but obvious that project details being offered by the designer should suit your budget. During your discussions, you need to be very clear about fee and payment structure. Some designers will want half the payment before commencement of work and the rest after the project is finished. Some would want payments in instalments as they move on from one area of the work to another. Fees would also vary according to the quality of the materials and machineries used.

So keep all the above in mind and decide on your budget. You may not be able hire a particular interior decorator even if you admire his work if the entire project overshoots your budget. So have your money ready before you begin with your interior decoration work.